Virto|stage – Zeitperlen

Be part of this special operatic production! The worlds of music, song and images merge into a complete work of art. Your own body language – be it large gestures with both arms or smaller movements – provides the interpretation of the piece.
A first-class team helped put this globally unique installation together: media artist, Johannes Deutsch, music strategists Nick & Clemens Prokop, the Vienna Philharmonic, soprano, Natalia Ushakova, and interaction designer, Stefan Schilcher.

Zeitperlen Content

The scenes unfold on a singer's glazed veranda. The morning after her great opera performance, Celeste is standing on the veranda of her house. Still immersed in her dreams, her thoughts mingle with the view from the window. The first light of dawn penetrates the glass panes. The veranda gradually widens to become the stage of an imaginary theatre.
The singer's thoughts immediately start to move like a film. She reruns the previous evening at the opera in her mind. Celeste sees the performance by "Don Giovanni" and the glare of the spotlights, and can hear the music. As the memories of the applause overwhelm her feelings and intoxicate her, the final remnants of sleep disappear. With a beating heart, Celeste notices how powerfully she is gripped and carried away by the memories of her role and of that of her singing partner. The love story that has played out between the two singers backstage – Don Giovanni made use of his dramatic persona both on and off stage – transports Celeste's thoughts to a trance-like world.
With burgeoning desire, the singer begins the dramatic part of her story.
Celeste appears to no longer be able to see from her veranda; as in a kaleidoscope, the images swirl from her memory in front of her very eyes. The face of Don Giovanni shimmers everywhere, the veranda becomes his face, his face fills the space. Celeste is trapped, the glass panes of her veranda are entirely filled with images.
The memories lead the singer on a journey. Scenes from Don Giovanni, The Flying Dutchman and Ovid's Metamorphoses appear and mingle. A trip to the sea ends with a shipwreck. Will Celeste succeed in controlling and calming the images and scenes of her dream world using the wonderful sound of her voice?

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